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Why Choose Certified Raingutters?

There are many reasons why you should call Certified Raingutters today to schedule a free estimate: for professional design, fabrication, and installation of seamless rain gutters, downspouts, or rain ware accessories for your home, business, or any structure. Large or small, new or existing, it’s never too late to add a reliable rain ware system to minimize or eliminate existing or potential damage caused by uncontrolled water runoff.

Installation of pre-painted seamless rain gutters provides you with affordable, functional protection from water damage to your roof, foundation, exterior walls, and landscaping. In addition, your new system reduces the possibility of dry rot, mildew, oxidation, corrosion, insect infestation, and soil erosion.

Pre-painted seamless rain gutters are easy to maintain with an annual inspection and cleaning, if necessary, to maintain its original function. Pre-painted rain gutters, whether in aluminum, steel, or copper, if properly installed, will not rust or corrode, and never need painting. If properly maintained, your system should function properly for 40 years or more.

When choosing a rain ware installer, please carefully consider the following benefits Certified Raingutters offers to you:

Professional design and engineering of the system to maximize efficiency, minimize cost, and direct damaging water away from your home’s foundation.

Product: 5% Zinc alloyed aluminum, available in .027” & .032” thickness. Extremely tough and durable. Rust and corrosion proof. Available in a wide variety of colors. The finish has 3 coats of baked enamel plus a sealer coat. Steel and copper are also available.

Hidden Hangers: Installed at 4 foot intervals, hidden hangers are 7 times stronger than spike and ferrules. They are ¾” wide, 0.63” thick, and zinc alloyed for strength. Hidden hangers maintain the shape and integrity of the gutter. They are installed with 2” zinc screws, resulting in a clean gutter face after installation. They are easily removed when necessary for roofing or painting.

End caps are hand crimped and caulked, and miters are aluminum riveted and caulked to prevent rust and leaks. Our special polyurethane sealant is proven from -60° to 260°F.

3 year installation warranty - It speaks for itself. We carry the best in the Bay.

Professional Standards & Practices - Our trucks are neat, clean, well organized and fully stocked. Our machines are regularly maintained. Our ladders and safety equipment are all OSHA approved. Our hand and power equipment is professional and/or commercial quality. Our staff is well trained, highly motivated, and polite. At Certified Raingutters, we take pride in our finished product.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured – We respect your property and strive not to harm roofs, siding, or landscaping. We treat “yours” as if it were “ours.”

Ethical business practices – We believe in honesty and integrity and will not compromise those values. They are meant to protect you. We will not sell you what you don’t need. You, the customer, will always know before work begins, exactly when, now, why, and true cost. Any deviation from the estimate will be agreed to in writing. We will not compromise quality of materials or installation to obtain a contract.

Family owned and operated business – We are active in the community through business, civic, charitable involvement, and support. Our reputation is based on past and present performance. Our company is highly regarded and respected because we do what we say we will do.

Happy customers are our best advertisement.

Contact Information...

Phone: 831.476.6310

Fax: 831.476.0743

Email: certifiedgutters@att.net

Address: PO Box 1451 Soquel, CA 95073

LIC# 897548

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our raingutters. Even if you just want advice.

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